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I am a freelance writer and content creator with a passion for all things wrestling and retro video gaming. This bit is still a work in progress!


March 22 - Present

Host & Contributor with HCW on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh7SHIzuTQ-N3ibq68W32vw

September 22 - Present

Contributor with NEARFALLS.com



Wrestling History Nerd

English (native)


Open to all forms of wrestling content including articles, video essays, reviews and interviews.

Some of my work

HCW Wrestling

Main host and contributor to HCW Wrestling. Links below to some of my favourite videos on the channel.


Recently joined member of the contribution team. Awaiting publishing of first articles once site is live. Links below once published.

Freelance Works

Other pieces and works both published and unpublished.

Pete Milne

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